Max and Friends DVD’s

“… This would be ideal for a pre-school/reception aged child who has recently learned to imitate and follow simple instructions. It would definitely suit families who are running ABA programmes, and would provide an aid to generalising table work. Archie is non-verbal, severely autistic and this did hold his attention from the first playing. That is quite unusual for him, so definitely something worth considering even if your child doesn’t seem quite ready. There are some sample video clips on their website. I played them to Archie a few times to assess his reaction before deciding to order… ” (Read More…), April 24, 2007

Watching videos can help children with autism learn social skills

“Two new studies at Indiana University demonstrate that videos depicting exemplary behaviors can be effective in helping children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders develop social skills and daily living skills. Lead researcher Scott Bellini said these findings will help to identify video modeling as a worthwhile strategy for educators and child development professionals in a field lacking proven methods of treatment. ” (Read More…)
Indiana University, March 29, 2007