Max and Friends Volume 2 – Commands Module

Sample Clip from the Commands Module

  • Increase ability to attend
  • Develop and improve learning readiness skills
  • Improve auditory memory and processing skills
  • Improve receptive language skills
  • Develop an awareness of action labels
  • Develop an awareness of emotion labels

In this hour long DVD, Max and his friends will lead your child through the following 16 lessons. Each lesson runs from 3 to 5 minutes and includes songs and interaction with the child. The DVD is set up interactively so that each lesson can be selected individually or repeated.

Commands Skills Covered:
Clap hands
Tap legs
Hands on hips
Touch toes
Pretend to eat and drink
Kick a ball
Stop and go/ Walk around
Jump Blow a kiss/ Wave
Jump/ Turn around
Clap hands/ March
Arms up/ Turn around
Nod head yes – no/ Knock
March/ Jump/ Touch head
Pretend to swim