Max and Friends Volume 1 – Imitation Module

Sample Clip from the Imitation Module

  • Gross Motor Imitation – big movements like hopping, marching and waving
  • Gross Motor Imitation Sequences – combinations of the movements described above
  • Object Imitation – imitating movements with simple props like blocks; object imitation is a prerequisite for many play skills
  • Peer Imitation – imitating another child or childlike character; in this case imitating Max
  • Fine Motor Imitation – imitating smaller movements like pointing.

In this hour long DVD, Max and his friends will lead your child through the following 14 lessons. Each lesson runs from 3 to 5 minutes and includes songs and interaction with the child. The DVD is set up interactively so that each lesson can be selected individually or repeated.

Imitation Skills Covered:
Make a Tunnel/Wave
Raise arms/ Stamp feet
March/Touch head
Bang a drum
Build a tower
Roll a ball
Make a happy face (Smile)
Blow bubbles
Hop (Imitate a bunny)
Point to body part (head, shoulders, hips, knees)
Strike poses
Lift and wiggle fingers (thumb, index, middle, ring, pinky)