Max and Friends Volume 1 – Box Set


  • Imitation Module (Book and DVD)
  • Commands Module (Book and DVD)
  • Matching Module (Book and DVD)
  • Parents Manual
  • Music CD
  • USD 69.99*

    *excludes Shipping and Handling

    The Max and Friends program focuses on Imitation, Commands and Matching. Each of these skills is the focus of both a DVD and a book.

    The DVDs, which contain about one hour of programming each, are presented in small, three to five minute long lessons that are easily digestible for children with developmental disabilities. Each DVD lesson features the lead character, Max, engaging in exercises designed to practice these skills and the specific sub-skills necessary for the child to master and generalize them.

    Each book features a story that reinforces the skills highlighted in the corresponding DVD and provides an additional opportunity for practice.

    The DVDs and books can be used to supplement any existing educational programming, or as part of a more structured teaching curriculum. This volume also includes a Parent’s Manual that guides the user through the use of the program as well as a CD with music from the program