“I watched the program once alone and then again with my son, Michael, who has Autism. Michael soon became an active participant in the sequences contained on the DVDs. It was delightful to watch him interact with Max & Friends. At first glance, I was impressed at the sturdiness and physical quality of the series. After further review, I found the entire series to be superbly crafted – to the point of perfection.”
Jackie Igafo-Te’o, Bridges4Kids

“Max and Friends is a wonderful product. So many videos and children’s programs go by at breakneck speed. Max has a wonderful pace for all children, especially those with ASD, for whom the slower learning pace is essential.”
-Diane Twachtman-Cullen, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Editor-in-Chief, Autism Spectrum Quarterly


“My son is non-verbal and autistic. He loved [Max and Friends] and immediately was following direction.”
Leslie R., parent.

“Max and Friends has become one of (my daughter’s) favorite videos. She’s requesting it pretty much every day at this point. She systematically starts with disc 1 and works her way to disc 3 with absolutely no coaxing….watching Max and Friends is positive reinforcement for her.”
Anthony A., parent.

“An instant hit with my toddlers. Both interact with the DVD’s and sing along enthusiastically to the fun songs.”
Charmaine C., parent.


“An effective tool for teaching children with autism. My students request Max and Friends as a reward.”
Theresa McGuire
Special Education Teacher.

“I trialed the program with a group of four six-year-old children, two of whom have Autism Spectrum Disorders.
All the children were extremely interested from the first viewing, giving Max their full attention. The combination of action and music and level of interactivity ensured the appeal lasted the length of the session with all children remaining engaged and on-task. This successful ‘first-look’ at the program meant that subsequent sessions were positively anticipated by all 4 children. Television is viewed as a ‘relaxation’ activity by children and so they approached the Max and Friends sessions as if it was play. They were eager and willing to participate.
I found the program easy to follow, effortless to implement and use, and to have highly beneficial outcomes for children with or without autism and related developmental disorders. What’s more, all four children in the group are beginning to be able to generalize their new skills.”
– Nelle Frances, educator and author of books for children with autism.